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A Terra Incognita Online Random Character Generator

A picked body of Gadgeteers have labored untold years to bring you the Terra Incognita Random Character Generator!

Use it when you need a quick Terra Incognita character, when you don’t have any ideas and want to allow fate make the choices, or when you desire interesting and unexpected trait combinations. Old-school players might actually crave the challenge of using a randomly generated character. This system is based upon the 5 point Fudge character creation system described in Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook.

You can also employ the low-tech version of the Random Character Generator if you are suitably armed with polyhedrals.

You will create a new character each time you reload the page.

A Randomly Generated Terra Incognita Character


The Attributes are rather subjective, rolled randomly rather than using Fair defaults and two free levels as in Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook. Fair is the most common result, but you could get a character with six Superbs.

You will still have to specify a number of skills (Area Knowledge, for example). I decided to forego using a General Skills Point and there is no skill trading.

I was inspired by L. Lockwood’s “D.I.Y. Random Names on the Web” in Pyramid Magazine.

Thanks to the Fudge Maillist on, specifically, Bill Hamilton for the PickSkill function which allows the Generator to select each skill only once, and Ronald Pyatt and Darren Hill for their suggestions.

The NAGS Society has grand aspirations for the Generator. We hope to add a small database of names and origin countries. We may also try to add lists of specific concentrations for the general skills (such as Area Knowledge [North Carolina], for example).

If you look at the sourcecode and feel comfortable mucking about in it, you can replace the trait lists with your own to make a custom script.