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We have collected here the ætheric addresses of a number of NAGS Society Members and Associates.

The NAGS SocietyScott Larson is responsible for this website (and also happens to be the humble Bookworm who wrote Terra Incognita). You can contact me at the NAGS Society at

Grey Ghost Press publishes fine games such as Terra Incognita, Fudge, The Deryni Roleplaying Game et al. [Email Grey Ghost Press; Grey Ghost Press Website]

Daniel M. Davis is the talented Gadgeteer responsible for this website as well as the cover of Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook. [Email Daniel Davis; Daniel has a bunch of places to visit:, his blog at, and, of course, his rather famous fantasy campaign at]

Janice Sellers is the extremely capable editor who turned almost 90,000 words into an elegant role-playing game. Check the credits of your favorite role-playing games — she has edited the best. [Email Janice Sellers; Janice’s Website]

Chris Keefe is one of the artists who illustrated Terra Incognita.

DT Strain is one of the artists who illustrated Terra Incognita. You can also see his work in Dragon magazine (the beautiful Cities of the Ages series). [Email DT Strain; DT’s Website]

Jason Walton completes the triumvirate of Terra Incognita artists. [Email Jason Walton; Jason’s Website]