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Here you will find detailed information about all of the products in the Terra Incognita line.Terra Incognita Cover

Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook

GGG5001, $22.95, 144 pages, ISBN 1-887154-08-6

Terra Incognita is a role-playing game of exploration, intrigue, and mystery. Click on the cover to use‘s Look Inside feature, and browse 10 full-sized pages.

Terra Incognita: The NAGS Society Handbook includes:

  • Character creation templates — a quick, easy method for generating individualized Nags;
  • A cornucopia of new Nag Tech gadgetry, from Bergstrom’s Acoustical Topophone to the Voluminous Valise;
  • Action resolution and combat; revised and refined, with useful illustrative vignettes;
  • Vehicles creation and combat rules, revised and streamlined, along with several novel vehicles;
  • A detailed list of items for purchase in the field, prices in dollars and pounds in 1890 and 1930, such as Conklin’s Handy Manual of Useful Information for a mere 60¢;
  • A completely new, ready–to–run adventure: Moctezuma’s Revenge;
  • A sample campaign: The Pangæa Prophesy, revised and expanded, along with a guided tour of the famous airship Legend;
  • Expanded advice for the game master on running Terra Incognita campaigns and adventures,
  • Sagacious guidelines for adjudicating Fudge rules;
  • A detailed almanac of occurrences historical and outré (from 1851 to 1940), brimming with over 90 tantalizing adventure ideas;
  • Seven NAGS Society campuses, one on each continent, described in detail;
  • Statistics for any number of madmen, minions, and monsters, each complete with adventure hooks;
  • Expanded collection of references and inspiration, conveniently annotated.
So sharpen your Sword Cane, brush up on your Diplomacy skills, pack your Adventurous Attire, and join us in the exploration of Terra Incognita!

Order Terra Incognita.

Dead Sea Murder

A Terra Incognita Adventure by Amanda Dickerson from Rogue Publishing.

In 1947 the world was stunned by the discovery of ancient scrolls hidden in caves not far from where the city of Qumran once thrived. These documents, some written as early as 250 B.C., were hailed as one of the most important archæological discoveries of the twentieth century. The Dead Sea Scrolls, as they were soon to be called, reportedly hadn't been seen by human eyes for two thousand years.The members of the National Archaeological, Geographic, and Submarine Society know better.

The Dead Sea Murder is an exciting murder mystery set in and around Jerusalem of the 1930s. The adventure can be customized to suit GM and player taste — from cozy drawing-room detection to the opening salvos of Armageddon.

Alas, the Dead Sea Murder tome is currently unavailable. We hope to locate it and make it available again soon.

Try Before You Buy!

NAGS Society Worldbook

Precursor to Terra Incognita.

The NAGS Society Worldbbook was my original effort at amateur game design. A free, 100 page RPG! Updated slightly on May 1, 2002 to eradicate some typos. Here is the back blurb:

    Cutting–edge Technology and tea at four…

    Welcome to the world of NAGS — the National Archæological Geological and Submarine Society.

    Join the Nags — a group of adventurer–scientists whose exploits were never recorded in the annals of cinematic heroes, real explorers of the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries, pulp adventure stories of the 1930’s, and supernatural–investigative fiction and games set in the 1920’s.

    Armed with extensive training, unpredictable technology, and unimpeachable discretion, Nags travel to the Four Corners of the globe — exploring, uncovering, and clarifying information — all in the name of the ever–increasing store of accurate knowledge and the record of human possibilities.

    Based on c.FUDGE (a customized version of Steffan O’Sullivan’s FUDGE), the NAGS SOCIETY WORLDBOOK provides everything you need to begin adventuring in the World of NAGS.

Download the free NAGS Society Worldbook.

96 Pages, profusely illustrated. 3 Mb pdf file. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or better.

Metacreator with Fudge Template

RPG Character Management from AlterEgo Software.

Metacreator is a die roller, a name finder, a custom character sheet creator. With the Fudge Template (which includes Terra Incognita, as well as Five Point Fudge, The Fudge Gramarye, and HeartQuest) you can create a Nag, pick out her kit, develop the perfect Nag Tech vehicle, and print out everything in an attractive format. Download a free Demonstration Version to try before you buy.

Reviews of Terra Incognita

Terra Incognita has been reviewed in several online publications.

The kind folks at Burning Void have posted an extremely thorough, and I would say flattering, review of Terra Incognita. The Burning Void site itself contains scads of information for roleplayers, including players, GMs, and those folks who like to write games. There is an email ’zine entitled Twilight Time and more. Have a look!

Ken Hite’s Out of the Box, March 8, 2002.

New Guild by Adam Waskiewicz (in Polish).

Pen and Paper.

Pyramid Magazine on December 21, 2001. (For Pyramid subscribers).

Midgard Digest (in German).