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Excitement, Adventure, and Tea at Four

Terra Incognita is a roleplaying games of exploration, intrigue, and mystery, featuring adventurer-scholars whose exploits span the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. Armed with extensive training, unpredictable technology, and unimpeachable discretion, NAGS Society Members travel to the Four Corners of the globe — exploring unknown lands, investigating mysteries, and uncovering ancient knowledge.

Terra Incognita features a customized version of Steffan O’Sullivan’s innovative Fudge system from Grey Ghost Press. You can learn more about Fudge and even download the system for free.

Daily Dispatch from the NAGS Society

December 16, 2015 — Search for Missing Archivist

News!! The NAGS Society Archivist who was keeping this site updated has been missing for some time now. Our search continues, and we hope to have these dispatches resume in the future. (Translation: Sorry, this website is woefully out of date, it's slated for an overhaul that will allow easy updates in the future.)

September 26, 2009 — Reports from Jimland

Exclusive! Jimland’s author, Jim Wright, has graciously allowed the NAGS Society to continue hosting the voluminous Reports from Jimland. Follow the adventures of stalwart Julius Flagstone, his fetching wife, Olivia, the Dullcotes, Big Jake Frere, and a cast of thousands… (Embarrassingly, they’ve been there all the time; I just neglected to provide the link).

July 25, 2009 — Adventures in Jimland!

The NAGS Society and I have long been stalwart enthusiasts for Jim Wright’s game of dino hunting daring do, Adventures in Jimland. At long last it shall see light as a commercially published product from Minden Games. From the website:

Adventures in Jimland: Where Anything Can Happen is Minden's stand-alone adventure game about exploration and discovery in an unknown land, in a setting very much like late 19th century Africa.

You are a fearless explorer, ready to lead your Expedition into the wilds of Jimland, a vast, uncharted territory.  You will need to hire the members of your Expedition, such as mercenary soldiers, local askari, and of course sturdy native bearers to carry your supplies.

Your Expedition must survive raging rivers, poisonous plants, bottomless ravines, and savage animals—like elephants, rhinos, gigantic ants, even dinosaurs—that are very alive, and very hungry.  Tribes of natives will also be encountered. Will they trade with you, or attack? On your adventure you will discover new species of plants and animals, trade for valuable goods, map uncharted territory. Maybe even come back alive. When you make it back to civilization you will cash in...before heading back out on another adventure.

June 18, 2009 — Cork Buildings Update

Long time NAGS Society associate Warren Shultzaberger reached his point of tolerance in awaiting the long-promised photos of my Matakishi cork building project. Warren asked, and therefore, shall receive.

A few provisos, ipsos facto, notas bene, &c.: As with nearly all of my projects, nothing is complete. This one is in the early stages, so the buildings are primed or still raw cork. Nothing is painted (sigh).

I’m a novice digital photographer, so the pictures aren’t great. I tried to get enough so you could get a sense of the buildings. I have a cheap tripod, which I discovered upon editing the pictures that they all have a distinct list to the right. Please know that I build on strong foundations and this is not the Pulp City of Pisa.

Scott’s cork buildings on Photobucket

There is a second folder of my slightly-further-along 15mm pulp city project, which was built not with cork, but with cast plastic and bits of mounting board, foam core, &c. I’ll have more pictures of the rest of the buildings as well as more information on how I constructed them.

Scott’s 15mm Pulp City buildings on Photobucket

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Talking Terra Incognita

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