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Fudge is a role–playing game by Steffan O’Sullivan that has been freely available on the web since 1993. Fudge provides a simple and intuitive mechanic for resolving situations that arise during a game. Rather than numbers or percentiles (common to many roleplaying game systems), Fudge employs words to describe how well or poorly characters are skilled, how challenging or simple a proposed task is, and how beneficial or adverse are the results. Fudge also provides scads of information about how to customize the rules for your particular needs.

Terra Incognita includes a complete, customized version of the Fudge rules — no other books are necessary for play.

You can download the original Fudge rules from Grey Ghost Press or purchase the printed version, Fudge Tenth Anniversary Edition, which includes a plethora of extra goodies.

You can find out more about Fudge from Grey Ghost Press and the author, Steffan O’Sullivan.